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Commelina virginica (Virginia Dayflower)


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2′ tall native perennialis is covered with sky blue flowers open daily for months on end attracting bees and beneficial insects like syrphids (bee flies). It spreads by underground stems quickly forming large colonies. Plant in average to wet soil in sun or shade. Deer will browse Virginia Dayflower but it recovers quickly from fairly high levels of browsing. If deer are too plentiful, interplant it with one of our “deer baffles”

One of my horticulture professors at UGA, Dr. Jake TInga, told us that all members of this family are edible. (I have eaten flowers and stem tips of Tradescantia ohiensis and Commelina erecta, they were both very nice dipped with  a vinaigrette. I have not tried those of Commelina virginica yet. Taste test at your own risk.

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