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Panicum virgatum var. virgatum (“Sea Island” Switch Grass) SKU-PANVIR


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We do not sell the runty fungus prone Midwestern cultivars of  that dominate the market. We feel that they don’t look anything but native in Southeastern gardens. We propagate our plants from  native populations from the Sea Islands of Beaufort Co., and Charleston Co., SC.  Our plants form  6′ tall clumps with large arching seed heads which turn from purple to golden as the season progresses. Our plants thrive in average to wet soil, salt wind and tolerate some salinity. Switch grass is the larval  host of two butterflies the  Delaware Skipper and Dotted Skipper. Birds love the seeds, use the plants for shelter and for nesting material. Deer do not eat Switch Grass. Use it as a deer baffle. Plant it around tastier plants to keep deer from eating them.


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