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Sesuvium portulacastrum (Perennial Sea Purslane) SKU-SESPOR


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This 1″ -8″ tall native succulent is one of the pioneer species which bind loose beach sand together so that dunes can form. It also slows erosion along salt marshes. It doesn’t need salinity to survive. We have been growing it for years and have never salted it once. Watch for pink flowers to open in the afternoon so that metallic native bees can pollinate it. Blooming best in full sun, I have also seen it growing in shade. It would be beautiful cascading down a bluff or a container garden too. It is normally deer-resistant, interplant it with one of the “Deer Baffles” where browsing is excessive

Sea Purslane is native to Bermuda, Southeastern US, Caribbean, New World Tropics and the  Old World Tropics.  It harvested as food and/or medicine in many of these places The stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits of Sea Purslane are edible and medicinal. It is a good source of Vitamin C and  has been used to treat scurvy. It also contains ecdysterone (a natural plant steroid which some athletes take to improve performance). I have eaten it raw, steamed, and fried with eggs. (I like it better cooked). In the Philippines, it is known as dampalit, and is used to make pickles (atchara). It sounds delicious. I am looking forward to trying it. It is salty, so use it instead of salt in recipes. It has  many medicinal uses. Laboratory studies indicate that it has antibacterial properties. 

In the  US, it is native to  NC, SC, GA, FL, Al, MS, LA, TX, PR, VI, and HI. It was introduced to PA on ballast. We propagate our plants from native populations right here in Beaufort Co, SC.

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